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Switch Upgrade Rumored For 2019

A report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that Nintendo is considering an updated version of the Switch console. The Switch’s most recent sales, while certainly nothing to sneeze at, are a bit lacking compared to the initial launch (which isn’t that surprising, since almost everyone who wants one has one). As such, Nintendo wants to reinvigorate the numbers by addressing some of the Switch’s technological shortcomings.

The execs are still deciding on which of the Switch’s elements need a tune-up, but so far, one of the leading factors is the display. The Switch’s display uses a lower-end liquid crystal screen compared to current smartphones, so an upgrade could make it thinner, brighter, and more energy efficient.

According to the report, this will be a hardware-focused upgrade. Unlike the New 3DS XL, which can play certain games that the vanilla 3DS can’t, this upgraded Switch would not have any exclusive titles. Nintendo is considering a late-2019 release window.