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Sony Hypes Up the PlayStation 5’s Performance

Image Credit: Shacknews

I love the smell of 8k graphics in the morning.

Sony definitely knows how to build up anticipation for its consoles. Sure, it won’t be joining the E3 conference this year, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have other tricks up its sleeve.

In a Sony investor relations meeting, the tech giant showed off its next-generation PlayStation console, the PlayStation 5, a much more powerful system than its previous iteration, the PS4. The PS5 will reportedly support 8K graphics, include SSD storage, and have 3D audio. It will also have backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles.

More importantly, the SSD storage will significantly boost loading times for the console, as demonstrated by Sony during the meeting. During the comparison, it was seen that the PS4 took eight seconds to load the map in Spider-Man while it only took the PS5 less than a second.

Aside from this, the PS5 can also handle dynamic maps much better than the the PS4. Dynamics maps are those maps used to only load specific portions of the game as the players move through them. In older models like the PS4, it’s only natural to encounter spinning circles or other loading animations at these parts. However, with the PS5, the system is so speedy that those maps can load almost instantly.

Unfortunately for all those interested, Sony has not divulged the PS5’s official pricing and release dates yet, so stay tuned for more updates!