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New Features Coming To PlayStation 4

Image Credit: PlayStation

The PS4 ain’t down and out just yet.

The PS5 may be getting released in 2020, but this doesn’t mean that Sony is forgetting its other consoles. In fact, according to a new leak, an interesting new feature may be coming to the PS4 later down the road.

The feature has something to do with Sony’s recently filed patent that revealed their plans to create a game streaming service similar to Google Stadia. The patent application, which was accepted just last Wednesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals that Sony has actually been working on a “system for combining recorded application state with application streaming interactive video output.”

The system is described as “an apparatus for recording application state information over time while simultaneous recording application streaming interactive video output” as well as “a playback means in which the recorded application video may be played back or the application may be re-executed with the application state information”.

With regards to the PS5, however, Sony says that the console is a massive upgrade over its predecessor. This was proven true during a recent meeting where Sony demonstrated the PS5’s amazing capabilities when compared to the PS4.