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Meet Marsha, Winner of NASA Award For 3D Printed Mars Home

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Meet Marsha.

No, Marsha is not a person. Actually, Marsha is the winning habitat of NASA’s 4-year-long competition to create the best habitats to live in- if humans lived on Mars, that is.

Over 60 teams joined the company way back in 2015, but the final test only saw 3 teams fighting for the title and the $500,000 cash prize. Finally, after a long and grueling battle, New York-based architectural company AI SpaceFactory won first place, thanks to the team’s brilliant design for a Mars home called MARSHA.

MARSHA is a prototype created entirely out of recyclable materials, such as basalt composite material and plant-based bioplastics. It has a tall and slim vertical design that allows it to be 3D printed easily as well as take up less space on the surface of Mars, or wherever it’s going to be placed. If developed in real life, the structure would feature windows (placed via robotic assistance) and several levels inside.

The materials used for the MARSHA prototype have now been sent back to New York to be recycled and developed as TERA, a similar habitat, except this one is on Earth. According to reports, the Indiegogo funding page for TERA will be announced in the next few weeks.