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Is Driving Assistance Technology Too Overwhelming?

Credit: TechCrunch

J.D. Power has revealed that people are feeling overwhelmed by assisted driving, opting to buy cars without it.

20,000 new car owners and leasees of 2019 model vehicles were surveyed to see what their stance was on all the new technology included in vehicles. J.D. Power narrowed the survey down to 38 vehicle technologies that were included in the car for the first 90 days. The categories included: entertainment and connectivity, collision protection, comfort and convenience, driving assistance, smartphone mirroring and navigation.

On the higher end of the grievance list was lane-keep assistance and lane-centering systems. People found the alerts to be extremely annoying, with 61% of drivers disabling it. Of all the added on features, this seems to be the one that most people quickly disabled.

On the popular list included Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 69% of the people surveyed have a car with one of these systems while 68% said they would prefer to have factory-installed navigation in their next vehicle. Drivers were also very satisfied with collision protection, which includes collision alert and automatic emergency braking.

The car that came out of the survey with the highest point total was the Kia Stinger. It scored 834 points out of a possible 1,000. Other vehicles that scored high on the survey include Hyundai Kona, Toyota C-HR, Kia Forte, Chevrolet Blazer, Porsche Cayenne, and Ford Expedition.

Whether people like it or not, safety tech and add-ons are going to become more prevalent in vehicles. At the very least, it is safe to say that people will be satisfied if they have the option of turning certain features off.