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Is CBD All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Credit: Getty Images

CBD products continue to rise in popularity around the world.

With NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski now promoting CBD, it continues to carry buzz everywhere it goes. But does it really work? Not all scientists agree…

A study reported that one in seven Americans use CBD as an over-the-counter treatment for anxiety, sleep problems, and pain. It has also been linked to helping with depression, digestive issues, muscle spasms, and skin ailments. CBD has also been found to help with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. One in three people have even used it on their dogs and cats. It sounds like the perfect remedy, right?

Scientists are frustrated because many of these claims have not been substantiated. Clinical trials have not produced enough convincing evidence to show that CBD works on anything but rare epilepsy. Is this just a placebo effect and everyone is buying into it?

The one thing that scientists can confirm for sure is that CBD is safe. Most people seem to tolerate it well with no side effects. Scientists do believe, however, that further testing will eventually confirm claims people make about its restorative power.

Many of the studies that have been conducted so far have been purely observational. Many people have shown improvements in sleep, anxiety, and digestive problems. The main problem that scientists are running into with their studies is that there seems to be a conflict with different results. One study may show that people were able to sleep better while taking it, but others had more anxiety. They just can’t seem to get the results on the same page.

CBD continues offer at least a hint of effectiveness against some of life’s most difficult problems. The fact that it is completely safe to take is also a huge bonus. It is because of these facts that scientists will continue their research to see what positive effects CBD actually has.