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Internet of Things: The Future of Consumer Tech?

Image Credit: iStock / Askold Romanov

Kind of a dull name for such an important technology, no?

The goal of the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is to use the Internet to connect devices, vehicles, and appliances that can collect and share data without human interaction.

What’s the point and why would we need IoT? It may sound a little scary to think that all these machines are collecting information and data without humans being involved at all. It almost sounds like an invasion of our privacy.

But, the long term goal is to help simplify our lives a bit more. It will be able to help track lost pets, check on your housing security systems, keep up to date on your appliance maintenance schedule, make restaurant reservations, keep an eye on your health and exercise progress (which many of our devices are already doing), and allow you to receive coupons from stores that you are near. Essentially, you could walk by a store and any relevant coupons could be sent to you, which may entice you to enter the store.

A wearable device could help change healthcare forever. These devices would be able to let hospitals monitor patients from the comfort of their own homes. Think of the impact it could have on tracking the elderly who could be alone and in need of medical attention.

These devices would also change businesses forever. It would be able to provide real-time data on traffic flow to stores, as well as collect data from what shoppers are frequently purchasing and tailor a specialty program for some of their most loyal customers.

The Internet of Things is on the path to revolutionizing our world forever, helping us personally as well as professionally. It will be a part of our future and something we should be prepared to be a part of.