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Huawei Cancels New MateBook Launch Due To US Ban

Huawei is pulling all of its pieces from the US side of the board.

Huawei’s planned announcement for the latest generation of Matebook laptop has just been “infinitely postponed” – and the Chinese tech giant cites the recent fiasco with the United States as the main reason for the bad news.

Richard Yu, the CEO for Huawei’s consumer division, released a statement to CNBC confirming the company’s decision to cancel the new addition of its much-anticipated premium laptop series, the Huawei MateBook. Reports say that Huawei had originally planned to unveil the new laptop at CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai, but the US ban had completely disrupted the production of its upcoming products.

With the US ban, not only is Huawei disallowed from partnering up with US companies like Google and Facebook, but it’s also banned from coordinating with manufacturers like Intel and Qualcomm, two important players in Huawei’s device production.

Although Yu admits that the situation is rather “unfortunate,” Huawei remains optimistic amidst all the issues. The company has also reportedly been “stashing components” and even developing its own operating system to make up for the loss of its valuable partners, according to CNBC.