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How to Hide Iffy Posts on Your Facebook

Credit: Unsplash

Because the world doesn’t always need to know what you were up to 10 years ago.

Everyone has made at least one post in a public place that they ended up deeply regretting. Maybe it was a hot take that was a little too hot then (or now), maybe it was some really cringy diatribe on your favorite anime, or maybe it was a photo with some unpleasant connotations. Whatever it was, the sooner you can get that off your profile, the better, especially if you’re meeting new people or looking for a job.

To hide a post without deleting it, just go to your Facebook profile. Click on Activity Log, followed by Manage Activity, then Your Posts. This’ll bring up the Manage Activity tool. Here, you can scroll through your feed and check off posts you want to hide. To make the process easier, you can click on Filters to organize posts by people or dates, or you can organize them by categories if you use them. When you’ve got your iffy posts selected, just click Archive. They’ll still be there if you want to see them, but as long as they’re archived, nobody else on Facebook can see them, not even your friends or family.

Remember, there’s no shame in a bit of social media pruning. We all have dark histories from middle school that, if they got out, would cause aneurysm-inducing embarrassment. Be proactive, and dump your dark history in a vault.