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How to Combat Package Thievery with Tech

Credit: Perfect Connections, Inc.

Try and take my stuff. See what happens.

I take home security and personal property very seriously. It just took one kid swiping my trading cards when I was little to make me paranoid for the rest of my life. I don’t like people touching my stuff, and that’s why I tinker with modern home security options. Security systems may not be up to robotic arms with giant mallets yet, but there’s some surprisingly advanced stuff out there.


The first line of defense is a good camera. Modern security cameras can be installed in all kinds of covert spots and can be accessed through companion apps on your phone. If you’ve got some cash to burn, you can set up a network of cameras around your home to get all sorts of viewing angles.


When someone you don’t know is touching your stuff, you need to be made aware of it quickly. Alarm systems, in addition to scaring off the cowardly burglars, can alert you of problems almost anywhere, again through the use of companion apps. When an alarm is tripped, you can also remotely lock or unlock doors and windows.


But how do you prevent a theft of your packages when they’re not actually inside your house? There’s a couple of schools of thought. One option is a remote speaker. If you spot a thief on your camera, you can shout at them to drop your stuff. Assuming they’re not very bright, they’ll run off. If that doesn’t work, there are more hands-on options like remote water guns. Just be careful what you rig up or you could end up with an assault charge on your hands.