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Google Allegedly Developing Its Own Device Tracking

Credit: Unsplash

Google may have a counter to Apple’s “Find My” in the works.

The release of Apple’s AirTags and the general broadening of its “Find My” device tracking service have proven how powerful and potentially helpful the existing wireless network can be in our daily lives (as well as potentially dangerous thanks to stalkers, but we’re not talking about that right now). Ever eager to keep up the hardware battle, Google is rumored to be developing a device tracking service of its own to keep up the pressure on Apple.

Last week, XDA Developers dissected the latest beta build of Google Play Services to see what the big G has cooking up around the corner. They took note of several references to and even a description of a supposed Google “Find My Device” network.

“Allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices,” the description reads.

Technically speaking, Google does have a device tracking service already in the form of their Find My Device app. The difference between that app and Apple’s network, though, is that Google’s app can only detect devices that are actively logged into your Google account. If they’re not logged in or off, they may as well be invisible. Apple’s network, on the other hand, can detect any device within a particular radius, which is exactly how AirTags are supposed to work.

If any tech company could have a theoretical shot at matching Apple’s vast network, it would undoubtedly be Google, whose own network is- well, you don’t need me to tell you, it’s Google. They had a massive network before it was cool. It’s not absolutely confirmed that this service is actually in development, or if the notes in the beta were just some experimental documentation, but it wouldn’t be especially surprising if it came to be.