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DLC In Development for ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’

Credit: Unsplash

The content will release in two parts in fall and winter of this year.

Today, in recognition of Pokemon Day, the official release day of the original Pokemon Game Boy games, The Pokemon Company held their first Pokemon Presents presentation of 2023. During the presentation, several new Pokemon-related offerings were detailed, including a new animated Netflix series and long-awaited details on the Pokemon Sleep mobile app. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon presentation without new info on the mainline games.

In the presentation, it was announced that the newest Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet, would be receiving DLC expansion packs later this year. The DLC, collectively known as The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, will be split up into two packs. The first pack, The Teal Mask, is slated for release in Fall 2023, and will take players to the new Kitakami region as part of a school field trip. The second pack, The Indigo Disk, is slated for release in Winter 2023, and will have players study at Blueberry Academy as an exchange student.

The DLC already has a page up on the Nintendo Switch eShop, though a precise price has not been divulged yet. Buying the full Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC will allow players to play both parts using their existing save data. Additionally, purchasing the DLC will give players a set of new school uniforms and a unique Hisuian Zoroark.

The presentation also noted that Pokemon Home support for Scarlet and Violet is slated to begin in the next few months, allowing players to transfer Pokemon between the games and other Pokemon games like Pokemon GO and Legends: Arceus.