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Cooler Master Reveals Egg-Shaped Computer Workstation

Credit: Unsplash

For when you can’t work without being enclosed in a lump of metal and plastic.

If I remember my Venture Bros. correctly, and I’m fairly certain I do, the two key components to true brilliance are progressive rock and an egg-shaped chair. While progressive rock isn’t really in vogue anymore, which is honestly tragic, apparently some companies are still interested in making the egg chair thing happen. And if they’re gonna make an egg chair, it may as well have all of the bells and whistles.

Computer part and peripheral manufacturer Cooler Master has unveiled their latest, and potentially strangest, development: the Orb X, a “fully immersive multi-purpose semi-enclosed workstation for gamers and professionals.” Basically, it’s a big, fancy egg you sit in when you want to use your computer without people bothering you.

The Orb X features a large, motorized dome that partially covers its occupant with the touch of a button. The built in cockpit chair, which can recline comfortably, features surround sound speakers, a wireless charging mouse pad, a built-in keyboard, and yes, even a cupholder. The monitor mount above the chair has enough room to hold a 49-inch ultrawide monitor, or, alternatively, up to three 27-inch monitors. As for where your tower actually goes, there’s a hatch in the back that you can slot it into, which also features a large bank of extra USB ports. Oh, and of course the whole thing is rimmed in RGB light strips, because all PC gaming peripherals have to be.

No word yet on when this mysterious device will be made commercially available or how much it’ll cost, but I guess if you want your daily computer usage to feel more like piloting a giant robot, this’ll be something to keep your eye on.