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Apple Slashes HomePod Price to $299


Who doesn’t like a good price drop?

Interested in getting yourself a HomePod? Perhaps now’s the right time, as Apple has just slashed the price of its Siri-powered smart speaker to $299 from its original $349 price tag. In the UK, this means £319 to £279 on the Apple Store, while in Australia, it was a drop from AU$499 to AU$469.

According to Apple-dedicated website 9to5Mac, Apple rarely slashes its product prices mid-cycle, which probably means that the company is planning something new. Rumor has it that the tech giant is planning to release an upgraded version of the HomePod called the HomePod 2. After all, it’s been quite a while since the HomePod was released in February 2018 and people have already been anxiously waiting for the next device in line.

This seems unlikely though, considering that Apple didn’t even mention the smart speaker at the company’s most recent keynote just last month. If the HomePod 2 was ever going to be released, it would be probably late 2019 or 2020 at the latest.

Another rumor is that Apple may release a HomePod Mini, a miniature version of its smart speaker. Both Google and Amazon have already released smaller versions of their speakers, so some are anticipating that Apple may do the same.

The last scenario presented by TechRadar would be that Apple has slashed the price of the HomePod simply due to disappointing sales. With Apple having done the same in China due to disappointing iPhone sales, it doesn’t seem unlikely, either.