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Apple Launches Repair Kit Service

Credit: Unsplash

Get the parts and tools the fix your iPhone yourself.

As part of ongoing efforts to be more accommodating of people who want to fix their own iPhones, Apple has launched its own Self-Service storefront. Now, instead of taking your iPhone to an Apple store to have someone else fix it, you can get the tools and parts from Apple and do the whole thing yourself (assuming you’re confident enough to try).

Through Apple’s new Self-Service Repair storefront, you can peruse a catalog of various iPhone parts and order them piecemeal depending on what you need. All of these individual parts are Apple-tested and certified, guaranteed to work in their appropriate roles, and they cost the same as what they would cost from a repair shop. Once you have the parts picked out, you can then order them alongside a kit full of Apple’s proprietary repair tools. If you don’t want to buy the entire kit for one repair, Apple also offers a rental option for just $49. They’ll send you the parts you order and the kit, you make your repair, then you send the kit back to them, plus any broken parts you removed for a recycling credit.

Currently, the Self-Service Repair storefront is only available in the United States, but Apple is planning on its expanding its coverage to other countries and territories later this year. Apple is also planning on adding parts, kits, and manuals for Mac computer repairs later on as well.