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Google Releases ‘Switch to Android’ App for iPhones

Credit: Unsplash

The app facilitates easy transfer of files and credentials to a new phone.

Way back in 2016, Apple released the Move to iOS app for the Google Play Store, a utility for owners of Android phones that were interested in switching over to an iOS iPhone. The app would allow users to easily transfer over all of their important apps, information, and credentials quickly and easily. For a long time, this was a one-way street, as the only way you could migrate iPhone stuff to an Android was by manually uploading it to Google Docs, which can be very time-consuming.

This week, however, Google has played their turnabout card, releasing their own free Switch to Android app on the Apple App Store. Technically, it appeared on the App Store last week, but only just became visible on the front page and in search results in the last few days. Much like the Move to iOS app, the Switch to Android app is intended for iPhone users who want to quickly transfer all of their data over to a newly-purchased Android phone. The app is becoming available in a gradual rollout, with Google expecting the process to be completed in the next few weeks.

The app is designed first and foremost for migration to a Google Pixel phone, but native support for other kinds of Android devices will be gradually added down the line.