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Apple Announces Cheaper iPhone Model

Credit: Apple

Well, cheaper for an Apple product, anyway…

In the current cultural climate more than ever before, you absolutely, positively need to have a good, reliable smartphone. Unfortunately, with the whole… everything, money is not exactly something a lot of people have in a surplus right now. It is for that reason that Apple has decided it’s time for a new smartphone. I could make a cynical joke there, but it’s actually more reasonably priced, so hey, go Apple.

The iPhone SE, technically the second generation of the SE as the first released in 2016, received a more subdued announcement from Apple, considering the times, but it’s a promising model nonetheless. The SE features most of the nuts and bolts you’d find in an iPhone 11, but compacted within the model of an iPhone 8. They saved a few bucks by reusing old cases, and they’re passing the savings onto you.

Credit: Apple

The SE features an A13 processor, the same as the iPhone 11, lends itself to features like improved camera functions and general performance improvements. The camera has both HDR and portrait mode, with improved blurring functionality in the latter. The SE also borrows a few functions from the iPhone 8’s generation, including wireless charging, a TouchID home button, water and dust resistance, and 4K video. It may look like an iPhone 8, but it’s quite the step up.

The SE is available in three models. The base model features 64 GB of storage and costs $399. The middle model has 128 GB of storage for $449. The highest possible model has 256 GB of storage and costs $549. The highest model also comes with a free year of Apple TV+, if you’re into that. If you’re looking for a budget smartphone that can still run with the big boys, the iPhone SE might just be your huckleberry. We’ll find out when it releases on April 24.