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Apple Music Debuts on Samsung TVs

Credit: Samsung

A TV that’s also a stereo! Now we just need a stereo that’s also a TV.

It always kind of weirds me out a bit when two big electronics companies collaborate on something. What if they all work together on something? Is that how we’re going to end up with Skynet? Well, probably not; it’s probably just how we end up with more apps on more platforms. So… carry on.

Apple and Samsung announced yesterday that Apple’s music app, Apple Music, would be immediately available on the two newest iterations of Samsung’s line of smart TVs. This is the very first time Apple has licensed out Apple Music to any kind of smart TV platform, not counting its own platform, Apple TV. The Samsung version of the app is functionally the same as the one on Apple TV; you’ve got access to a library of music, as well as pre-generated playlists, music videos, and radio stations.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s gotten pretty chummy with Apple over the last couple of years. They were the first company to make a TV compatible with the Apple TV app last year. They also offered support for the AirPlay 2, which means you could use Apple Music with their smart TVs, provided you had another device handy to stream the music from. With this new update, though, they’ve cut out the middleman, so you don’t need another device to use Apple Music.

Just a reminder, though, you do need a subscription to use Apple Music. If you already own a Samsung TV, though, you can try the service for free for three months with an individual, family or student subscription.