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‘Animal Crossing’ Update to Bring Brazilian Carnival

Credit: Unsplash

There’s about to be a whole lot of dancing in here.

Here’s a fun fact, the Brazilian celebration of Carnival was originally created as an extension of “carnelevare” festivities, or “the removal of meat.” Since Carnival is held the weekend before Ash Wednesday, and by extension, Lent, it’s a time to really cut loose and indulge yourself before you gotta abstain for a little while. I’m not a hundred percent sure why the Brazilian version became associated with samba dancing, but hey, who’s complaining? Of course, due to the current circumstances of the world, this year’s Carnival will probably be a much more muted affair, but if you want an excuse to dance, Nintendo’s got you covered.

In an update trailer released yesterday, Nintendo teased their next upcoming update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Starting tomorrow, the Able Sisters store will begin selling limited-edition party apparel. This is in preparation for February 15, when your town’s central plaza will be commandeered by the peacock dancer Pave in an island-wide celebration of Carni- sorry, “Festivale.” During the event, you’ll be able to catch colorful feathers floating on the breeze with a bug net. Turning these feathers in to Pave will net you some cool Festivale items, as well as send him into a whirlwind of samba dancing. If you wanna boogie yourself, you can also unlock new emotes, including a Festivale dance.

Aside from Festivale, some new items will become available in the update to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. If you’ve got a favorite islander, make sure to take the time to let them know you care. Finally, the trailer offered a little hint about the game’s next update slated for March; they didn’t specify what, exactly, was coming, but the presence of a Mario mushroom and star on the teaser can only indicate so many things.