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Xbox Scarlett Will Reportedly Be Four Times More Powerful Than One X

Red and Xbox don’t usually mix, but we’ll make an exception here.

Microsoft confirmed at the E3 2019 that a bigger, better, and more powerful Xbox console is already in the works, and best of all, it’s shooting for a Holiday 2020 release.

Currently dubbed the Xbox “Scarlett,” the new gaming console is said to be up to 4x more powerful than last generation’s Xbox One X, which is widely known to be the most powerful gaming console on the market today. Phil Spencer of Xbox says that the Scarlett is a “bigger leap than any generation we’ve done before,” as well as “the most powerful and highest performance console we’ve ever designed.”

According to Microsoft, the Scarlett will have a custom-designed AMD Zen 2 processor built into the system, in addition to a GDDR6 RAM. Thanks to this, the console will have no problem showing games in full 8K resolution at a framerate of 120 frames per second. It will also be equipped with a solid state drive (SSD) to improve the console’s load times and will support ray-tracing for better graphics.

Microsoft hasn’t given any specific details regarding Scarlett’s release date, nor was its real name unveiled at the event. However, according to Microsoft insider Brad Sams, Scarlett is only a placeholder name used to describe Microsoft’s “overall next-generation console strategy.” The model itself is allegedly called “Anaconda” and is the high-end version of the console, while the lower-end version will be called “Lockhart.”