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A Model 3 Miracle
By Josh Harlow Posted in Emerging Tech, News on July 2, 2018

“But you gotta ride it better than a Tesla” Big Sean jokingly mocked in his verse from YG’s recently released “Big Bank” single. Recent developments, however, may show that Tesla may be riding just fine into the near future. After a fatal crash sent the nation into disarray and wavering numbers arose in their stocks, the electric car company has finally met its production goals for the Tesla Model 3.

A last week surge in quarterly output pushed the number of models sold to 5,031, a milestone that Elon Musk said was crucial in making electric cars the future of our roadways. By pushing out consistently over 5,000 models a week, this self-imposed goals shows that the company is overcoming its production obstacles and is ready to advance the technology even further now that the brand is finally picking up speed.

The Model 3 is a 4-door, compact sedan that can run for up to 310 miles on the long range battery variant. The car’s dashboard is purposefully minimalistic, as to save more of its electricity for the battery-powered engine rather than over-doing the interior. Since its announcement in 2017, there’s been a huge backlog for orders, so as production speeds up, we’ll be seeing more and more of these bad boys on the road.

Take that, Big Sean.

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