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Unique Dog-Fox Hybrid ‘Dogxim’ Passes Away


Credit: Unsplash

Mystery Surrounding ‘Dogxim’

A truly unique hybrid creature, known as ‘Dogxim,’ which captivated the world’s imagination when it was discovered in Brazil in 2021, has sadly passed away. The Telegraph reported the demise of this enigmatic canine-fox hybrid, revealing a mystery that has left scientists and conservationists perplexed.

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‘Dogxim’ was initially found by chance following a car accident and was subsequently taken to the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul veterinary hospital. A groundbreaking DNA test conducted there unequivocally confirmed ‘Dogxim’ as the world’s first-ever dog-fox hybrid, a revelation that astonished the scientific community.

The Brazilian government has initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the animal’s death, as the individuals responsible for its care failed to report the event. The exact time and cause of ‘Dogxim’s’ passing remain shrouded in uncertainty, deepening the intrigue surrounding this remarkable creature.

After arriving at the Sao Braz conservation centre in November 2021, the Pampas fox-dog hybrid had become a subject of intense fascination and study. However, when experts requested recent photographs of the animal, they were met with the shocking revelation that ‘Dogxim’ had died approximately six months ago.

Dr. Rafael Kretschmer, a cytogeneticist who had confirmed the hybrid nature of ‘Dogxim,’ expressed profound sadness, saying, “We are very sad about her death, especially because we do not have the answers about the exact date and the cause of her death.”

Flavia Ferrari, a conservationist who had closely worked with ‘Dogxim,’ attested to the animal’s excellent health and the absence of any apparent health issues, making the circumstances of her passing all the more perplexing.

Scientists involved in studying ‘Dogxim’ were fascinated by her behavior, noting that she would reject conventional dog food but readily accept small rats as sustenance. Additionally, the animal displayed unexpected climbing abilities, a behavior not commonly associated with canines.

The discovery of ‘Dogxim’ had been documented in the journal MDPI, where experts detailed the extensive use of cytogenetics and other advanced techniques in their analysis of the animal’s DNA.