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Twitter Adds Google and Apple Sign-Up Options

Credit: Unsplash

For when you want to use Twitter without making a dedicated account.

Compared to the wild west that was the world wide web in the early to late 2000s, the internet’s pretty consolidated nowadays. While you still gotta make accounts for most sites you want to use, there aren’t nearly as many sites that require registration (or are particularly deserving of it). For a long time now, many sites have even allowed you to sign up for their services through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google in lieu of making accounts. Rather paradoxically, though, those same social platforms don’t let you do the same in reverse. Or at least they didn’t until now.

Twitter updated their services today to begin allowing users to sign up for the site and log in using a Google ID or, in the case of iPhone users, an Apple ID. In the latter case, Apple ID sign-ups and log-ins currently only work from an iPhone, but Twitter says they’ll have browser support for this feature soon.

Logging into sites with an Apple ID was something Apple pitched back in 2019, as a competitor of sorts to making accounts and logging in with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Apple has claimed that logging into a site with an Apple ID is good for the privacy-minded, as it allegedly prevents tracking and forwards messages through a proxy to your email address, which allows you to hide your email from spammers. Not all sites have opted to make use of Apple IDs as a log-in alternative, but it’s rather amusingly paradoxical that one that does is one of the very sites Apple was trying to compete with.