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Trident, The Underwater Scooter

Exploring the world is becoming easier and easier every day thanks to technology. With new inventions comes new ways to see parts of the earth that have never been seen before. Now, thanks to the new underwater scooter called the “Trident,” you can take a nautical trip beneath the seas. Developed by Geneinno, this device can reach depths of over 150 feet, allowing you to explore the seas like never before.

One charge of this bad boy can leave you with up to an hour of swim time. All you have to do is grab on to the machine as if it were handlebars and you’ll be propelled through the serenity of the ocean. Additionally, you can hook a camera up to the Trident in order to capture gorgeous underwater footage of everything you encounter. It can even be sent on solo missions to capture footage without a pilot.

Make sure to watch the full video above for more information on the Trident, as well as how you can help fund the project on Indiegogo.