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Aston Martin Unveils Its First Electric Car

The Aston Martin car company has developed its first electric car recently. Manufacturers replaced the engine with two electric motors, and the design boasts several impressive qualities. It is known as the Aston Martin Rapide E. The base of the car is the traditional body of the four-door sports-saloon Aston Martin Rapide.

Instead of a petroleum engine, however, the company has filled the space with powerful batteries, and retrofitted components to allow the car to effectively run on electric power. The company wanted to keep the overall design and feel of the car as familiar with their brand as possible, and it maintains the sleek design that Aston Martin is known for, as well as a great deal of power behind the wheel.

In fact, this car has the most amount of torque of any Aston Martin vehicle, according to Chief Programe Engineer John Caress, with a 950 newton-metres output. Formula one engineers with Williams Advanced Engineering designed the car’s powertrain.

Because of the retrofitting, manufacturers will be able to use the same body for both electric and internal combustion cars. The car sports several liquid cooled batteries to store power, and the dual electric motors give the car a top speed of 155 miles per hour, and a range of 200 miles.