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The Latest iPhone Rumors

The latest round of iPhone rumors have emerged, so UnCached is here to break them all down for you, short and sweet, while also including a player above for you to watch all the juicy details and speculation. Here we go!

First up, the rumored iPhone X Plus has been seemingly confirmed thanks to Brazilian hackers from the website iHelpBR. The website said they were easily able to access and hack the iOS 12 coding to confirm that that X Plus will feature a 6.5 inch screen, adding 0.6 inches to the original iPhone X model. While we don’t have pictures, we have dimensions, so we can finally imagine just how big the phone will be.

Next up, we have the very confusing speculation on the iPhone 9. Considering we went from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X when they were announced at the same time, it seemed weird that Apple was skipping a generation. The iPhone 9 is now being called a “budget iPhone” in the same way the iPhone C was a cheaper version of the hardware. It’s possible the technology might even take a step down for more casual users, and there will no longer be a lighting to headphone adapter included with the sale of Apple phones.

Check out the rest of the videos above for more information on these supposed leaks, and get ready for the grand unveiling which is expected to launch sometime this fall.