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Steam Summer Sale 2020 is in Full Swing

Credit: Valve

Now with more stickers!

… yes, I’m aware we’re a little late to the party here. It’s been busy around here, shush.

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 kicked off last Thursday, and wallets around the world shuddered in terror. Games are discounted, wishlists are filling up, and I guarantee that every last one of us will buy at least one game that we won’t touch for at least two months. That’s how it goes, pal.

As is the case with the last few years, Steam has a little game-y thing associated with the sale this year, though in this case it’s less competition-oriented, and more about just getting some neat stuff for your Steam profile. Along with the Summer Sale, Steam has opened the Points Shop, a secondary store where you can spend Steam points, 100 of which you get for every dollar you spend in the regular store. What can you get with points? Cosmetics, basically. You can get animated stickers to decorate your profile and chat with, as well as special frames, avatars, and animated backgrounds. More interestingly, you can redeem points to get emoticons and backgrounds associated with the games you own, something which you previously needed to collect a whole set of trading cards to receive. Best of all, the Points Shop isn’t limited to the Summer Sale. The Points Shop is now a permanent fixture of Steam, and you can accumulate points year-round.

Credit: Valve

But enough about cosmetics, I know what you’re here for. The best way to find cool new games is to use the explore queue and fill up your wishlist, but if you’d like some recommendations, here’s some of my picks.

  • Cuphead – 25% off, $14.99
  • DOOM Eternal – 50% off, $29.99
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove – 30% off, $27.99
  • Yakuza 0 – 75% off, $4.99
  • Hades – 20% off, $19.99

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 will run until July 9.