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Steam Game Festival to Feature 500 Demos

Credit: Unsplash

Hope you’ve cleared some space in your schedule.

For the past few years, the Steam Game Festival has been an opportunity to get a sneak peak of the best and brightest of indie game developers so you could wishlist their games and then just sort of leave them there until a Steam sale. A trademark of the Festival is a slew of playable demos to give you a sneak peak at how the games handle. Last year’s festival had a good 40 demos to comb through, but I guess someone at Valve thought that was a bit too light.

This year’s Steam Game Festival, which begins this Wednesday, February 3, is slated to feature an almighty 500 playable game demos. That is almost as many games as I own on Steam. According to Steam’s announcement, the included games will run the gamut of genres, including action games, adventure games, puzzle games, strategy games, platformers, and visual novels.

Alongside the demos, many of these games’ developers will be running livestreams and Q&A sessions where they’ll play the demos for anyone interested and answer any pressing questions. Presumably, some of the games featured in the festival have been in development for a while, and may have even shown up in previous festivals. If there’s a game you’ve been following for a while, this’ll be your chance to get some more information about it.

The Steam Game Festival will run for just six days from February 3 to February 9. If you’ve got the time, scope out some games and beef up that wishlist. Come to think of it, word on the street is that the Steam Lunar New Year sale is returning this month…