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Polaroid Releases Powered-Up Instant Camera

Credit: Unsplash

That same instant shot you love with some additional modern conveniences.

It may surprise you to know that while it’s not as prominent as it used to be, the instant shot camera industry is still alive and kicking. While digital photography has been the hot ticket for decades now, both professional and amateur photographers still enjoy the warmth of a Polaroid picture, fresh off the printer. This is why Polaroid has been releasing updated instant shot cameras in recent years, to provide that same warmth alongside a few modern tweaks, and their latest offering is one of their best yet.

Polaroid’s new Now+ camera has just released today, and it’s available exclusively for purchase on Polaroid’s website for $150 USD. The Now+ is, at its core, the same instant shot camera you know and love. Point it at something, push the big red button, and it spits out a nice big picture to put on your corkboard. However, this camera isn’t strictly analog; the Now+ features full Bluetooth smartphone compatibility, and can be paired with the companion Polaroid Originals app. Using the app, you can remotely activate the shutter, as well as tweak the aperture priority and switch to tripod mode.

If you’re a fan of Instagram filters, they’ve also cooked up a nifty analog counterpart: physical filters. The Now+ includes five snap-on filters out of the box that attach to the lens and add cool effects to your photos, such as colored hues and starbursts. Don’t worry about messing up your photo composition; the lens has a built-in light sensor that can detect the subtle changes in lighting caused by the filters.

If you’re a fan of retro tech with updated design sensibilities, you’ll love the Now+. Hopefully, you can also find a reasonably priced source of instant shot film too, cause that stuff ain’t cheap.