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‘Overwatch’ to be Free on Switch for a Limited Time

Credit: Activision/Blizzard

If you feel like being a Hero for a week.

Nintendo has been experimenting recently to make their Nintendo Switch Online service a little more appealing beyond its admittedly super cheap yearly cost. They’ve offered small free games like Tetris 99 and the recent Super Mario 35, as well as access to the ever-growing NES and SNES digital game libraries. Recently, they’ve branched out into offering free game trials, with their most recent selection being Disgaea 5 Complete. That seemed to do something for them, because they’re offering another trial freebie for Switch online subscribers, and this time, it’s a more prolific game.

Starting next Tuesday, October 13 (the same day as the Steve DLC for Smash Ultimate, which may have been a bad scheduling decision), Switch Online subscribers will be able to download and play Blizzard’s team hero shooter Overwatch and play for free, at least until October 20. This is a trial version, as opposed to a demo version; you’ll have access to the full game and all of its features, and any skins and whatnot you unlock will be saved to your profile, even after the trial period ends.

Just a reminder, if you’ve previously played Overwatch on another platform (PC, Xbox One, PS4), you won’t be able to carry over your account and unlockables to the Switch version; you’ll need to start from scratch. Also, at least as of writing, this free trial will only be offered to North American and Japanese territories. If Europe is getting it as well, Nintendo of Europe has not said anything.

If you enjoy your time playing the game, purchasing it will unlock some free cosmetics, as well as provide you with three free months of Switch Online. Me, I got all of my jollies in with Overwatch already on PC. Though, then again, free stuff.