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New Smart Home And Kitchen Appliances At CES 2019

Kentucky-based home appliances company GE Appliances is certainly taking the world of smart homes by storm.

The company is a subsidiary of Haier, a Chinese conglomerate best-known for their appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, the home appliance giants revealed new and innovative technology to take your smart home to a whole new level.

One of the new technologies presented was Haier’s Smart Closet Solutions, a system meant to save the user time and maximize their efficiency. Another was a washing machine developed specifically for washing shoes, something that regular washing machines are not usually able to handle. There was also a machine that could make ice spheres in mere seconds that can help home cooks include ice in their recipes more efficiently.

The highlight was the Hestan Smart Cooking Line, which comes with an app-guided cooking system that can automatically adjust the settings based on guided video recipes. The integrated smart kitchen also allows users to cook while watching cooking videos right in front of them.