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New AirPods Rumored for May Launch

Credit: TechRadar

The Pods keep coming, and they don’t stop coming.

It’s only been a few months since the AirPods Pro launched back in October of 2019, but as we’ve come to expect from Apple, there are no brakes on the electronic development train. With the warm reception of all previous iterations of AirPods, not to mention the burgeoning success of wireless earbuds that that reception has caused, it’s probably a pretty good time to hit us with another. So, that’s what Apple’s going to do, at least supposedly.

Rumors have begun circulating that Apple will announce the next iteration of the AirPods. Names like the “AirPods Pro Lite” or the “AirPods X Generation” have been popping up, but as of writing, nobody actually knows what this new model will be called or what will set it apart from the previous models. The primary reason this rumor has meat, however, is the word of one Jon Prosser.

Prosser has become something of a big name in the Apple rumor mill, having previously correctly predicted the release date of the iPhone SE, as well as other recent leaks. According to Prosser, the new AirPods will launch alongside the new model of MacBook Pro next month. This was, supposedly, supposed to be announced during an Apple event held in March, but due to the ongoing Pandemic, Apple can’t hold any public events right now, which is why they’re opting for the stealth approach. We’ll find out whether this rumor has any substance some time next month.