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Mario Party Switches To Super Mode

Love it or hate it, Mario Party is a staple game that has enchanted all of our lives… or threatened to ruin our best friendships. Depending on how you look at it, it was either the time of our lives, or a battle to the death. And no matter what, we as an audience loved every minute of it.

But after the switch to the GameCube, they started pumping Mario Party’s out on an annual basis. With each one, weird mechanics altered the core gameplay, and mini games became more bland. It became a bloated and overstuffed franchise…

…until now! Super Mario Party has been announced for the Nintendo Switch and it seeks to bring players back to the roots of the original games by keeping core gameplay that we know: moving around the board as individual characters trying to gain stars. There are going to be 80 new mini games, a plethora of modes to play, and online capabilities, all things we have been asking for in the past.

After Mario Party: The Top 100 failed to reel audiences back in, the developers at Nintendo knew it was time to reevaluate the franchise as a whole. That is why they decided to drop the numerical system and rename the game with “Super” prefacing the title. You can pick this game up exclusively on the Switch in October this year.