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Little Car Company Creates Kid-Sized James Bond Car

Credit: Unsplash

And it only costs more than an actual car.

Out of the numerous vehicles owned and operated by legendary super-spy James Bond, one of the most iconic is and always will be the Aston Martin DB5. It was a sleek, luxurious vehicle decked out with all manner of fancy gadgets, and any gearhead or film buff would love to have one. Well, you can’t have the actual car, as there’s only a few hundred left and they’re prohibitively expensive, but thanks to The Little Car Company, you can own a rough approximation. And by “you,” I mean your kids.

The Little Car Company, an England-based producer of battery-powered cars for kids, has crafted a surprisingly faithful fun-sized recreation of the classic spy ride as a special edition in honor of the upcoming Bond film, No Time to Die. The vehicle is about two-thirds of the size of the actual DB5, and thanks to its open design, is just big enough for an adult and a child to sit side-by-side. While the car isn’t street legal, it can produce up to 21.5 horsepower, reaching top speeds of 40 to 50 MPH (which, amusingly, is actually more power than the real DB5 was capable of).

The mini DB5 features several classic Bond gadgets that can be activated from the car’s dashboard. The headlights of the car feature pop-out minigun barrels that can be automatically deployed and retracted. Don’t worry, they’re just props, they don’t shoot anything. In the rear, the fake “exhaust pipe” can deploy a smokescreen of dark-colored smoke. Finally, in lieu of the classic rotating license plate, the mini DB5 has a digital license plate capable of displaying randomized numbers for quick escapes.

Only 125 of these little wonders will be created, and they’ll run at $125,000 a pop. That’s about 90 grand more than the average cost of an actual car according to current AAA statistics, if you were wondering. Whatever kid gets one of these things will be the envy of every kid (and collector) on the block.