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YouTube Adds Mobile-Desktop Sync

Credit: Unsplash

Keep things playing from your phone to your computer.

Due to my particular flavor of ADD, I have a tendency to swap YouTube players between my phone and my computer at random. I like to have videos playing next to me while I’m playing games on my computer, shut up. The only problem is that, when I’m done playing games and want my YouTube back on my computer, it’s kind of a toss-up whether or not my account will remember my precise place in the video. YouTube is seeking to remedy this with an improved sync feature between mobile and desktop.

Thanks to a new update, if you’re watching a video on the mobile YouTube app, then open YouTube on a computer with the same account, you’ll get a little mini-player in the corner of the screen with the same video at the same timestamp. The mini-player will have “continue watching” under the title, so you can pick back up right where you left off. You can immediately start the playback from the mini-player or expand it into a full video.

This feature is already available on both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube, though some users in EU territories aren’t seeing it quite yet. It should be available in all regions within the next day or so, though.