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JLab Earbuds Come in a Variety of Skin Tones

Credit: Unsplash

Get earbuds that compliment you.

As true wireless earbuds become more commonplace (and more marketable), folks have been trying to seek out ways to better incorporate them into their outfits. For one thing, most earbuds only come in extreme colors: blinding pearlescent white, pitch black, or gaudy pastels. For those who want their earbuds to coordinate a little better with the rest of their look, you may be interested in JLab’s latest offering.

JLab, makers of various earbuds and speakers, have released a new iteration of their Go Air earbuds, the Go Air Tones. While Tones are functionally identical to the regular Go Air buds, their primary differentiating factor is that they come in a variety of skin tones. JLab concocted the Tones in a tag-team effort with nail care brand ORLY, who helped select seven skin tones from a list of 60 potential options.

As ORLY specializes in skin tone, or “naked,” nail polishes, they sought to create a line of buds that would be “flattering for people across a spectrum of skin tones.” Even if the tones don’t match your skin exactly, JLab is confident that their soft, warm colors will compliment just about any look.

As I mentioned, the Tones have the same guts as the regular Go Air earbuds, including touch controls, a USB charging case, equalizer presets, and solo bud use if you want to share. Best of all, the Tones are very affordable, only costing $20 for a pair. If you want your earbuds to have more of a personal touch than the usual soulless white, the Tones are an excellent choice.