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iPhone XS Max Official Review

Since Friday’s release of the iPhone XS and XS Max, I’ve done a lot of contemplating about whether or not my purchase was a smart idea. Previously, I had the iPhone 7. It’s been about 2 years since that phone debuted, so I figured I needed to step up my technology game. But jumping from a 7 to the biggest and most expensive iPhone on the market was a huge leap of faith for me. I had never held the phone in my hand before, but I went for it anyways. So how does it stand up to previous iPhones?

In short, its remarkable. The screen real estate is mind-blowing. The phone displays the most content in the highest graphical capabilities thanks to its 6.5 inch OLED screen. Games and apps with intense graphics look smoother and sharper, and there are no hiccups when it comes to processing high power. With this increased speed, Face ID works faster than ever. Apple included iOS 12’s new augmented reality feature in the phone, and it almost works seamlessly, despite not being fully accurate.

The camera, which is dual 12 megapixels on the backside, allows for great quality photos. Enhanced portrait mode and an improved HDR photo option that takes a burst of photos and combines them into for a stellar quality picture are two huge upgrades. Technologically speaking, the XS Max packs a punch that keeps on going due to its increased battery life (which is extremely noticeable).

The biggest issue with the Max is that, when Apple introduced the original iPhone X, they removed the home button so you had to either swipe up to get to your open apps, or swipe down to get to the control center. However, with this larger screen, your fingers are going to be stretching more than you’re used to. It’s a small sacrifice that needs to be made for the large screen, but consumers know that, if they don’t want a big phone, this isn’t the one for them.

Other than this small quip, I’m extremely satisfied with my upgrade. Everything is streamlined. The notification center is clean, the 3-D touch is more responsive, and the photo options are more advanced than ever. If you’re on the fence about upgrading, make sure to see if it feels comfortable in your hand and you can get used to the new functionalities quickly, the Max may be the new phone for you.