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iOS 12 Takes Apple To The Next Level

Apple’s highly anticipated development conference debuted some of the new features iPhone users can expect when the iOS 12 update goes live. The update is expected to launch around September for all users and will be bringing new features and a greater integration for of augmented reality.

CEO Tim Cook showed off some of these new features that, surprisingly, encourage users to be on their phones for less time. You can now set timers and track how long you are using apps. This screen time feature will surely be popular with parents who can now set limits of how long their kids can use apps.

FaceTime is also getting an update, allowing for up to 32 users to be on one call at a single time. The new update will also help older devices run more smoothly, increasing performance for those who have yet to upgrade to the newest model.

The biggest highlight was a new app called Shortcuts that has Siri integration. Siri will now be able to listen and pick up on key words you are using in conversation in order to predict meetings, calls, appointments, etc. Additionally, you can create custom voice commands that, when you tell Siri, the automized voice system will instantly start multiple features at once across different apps.

There was a lot unveiled for the update, but no news on new devices as of yet. Regardless, it seems that Apple is striving for more innovation to beat out its competitors, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which have already taken voice activation to the next level.