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How to Use Netflix Games

Credit: Unsplash

There’re no Squid Game games yet, if you were wondering.

Netflix just recently launched its new Netflix Games feature on the Netflix mobile app. Through Netflix Games, you can download and play games themed to various Netflix series for free. And by “various Netflix series,” I mean a couple of Stranger Things games and a few generic games. Yeah, it’s a bit of a young feature, but lest we forget, Netflix itself started as a weird service leaving DVDs in peoples’ mailboxes, so let’s try to give this thing the benefit of the doubt for a little while. Here’s how to use Netflix Games.

Before anything, it should be clarified that Netflix Games is currently only available on the Android version of the Netflix app; you can’t access it with the iOS version as of writing, though Netflix has assured that iOS will receive the feature in the near future. Also, while this probably goes without saying, you need an active Netflix subscription to use this service. Though, if you don’t have an active Netflix subscription, why would you even have the app?

Credit: Unsplash

To access Netflix Games, just open the Netflix app on your Android phone or tablet. On the home screen, there should now be a separate tab or row that says “Games.” Netflix is adding this feature to Android devices in a gradual rollout, so if you don’t see the Games tab on your app yet, you might just have to wait a few more days. Find the game you want to play, tap it, tap “Get Game,” then “Go to Google Play.” You’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store where you can download the independent game app to your device.

You can play these games as long as you have an active Netflix subscription, and more will be added to the service as time goes on.