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Honkai: Star Rail Gifts Players Exclusive Rewards with Latest Update


Credit: Envato Elements

Honkai: Star Rail Introduces Sparkle, the Newest Five-Star Character, and Unveils a Surprise In-Game Gift for Players!

In celebration of the highly-anticipated release of Sparkle, the latest five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, players are in for a treat with a surprise in-game gift. As the HoYoverse RPG enters the second half of its Version 2.0 update, the addition of Sparkle, Black Swan, and Misha has brought an array of new content, including fresh areas to explore and challenging bosses.

Since its launch in April 2023, Honkai: Star Rail has been known for its generous gift-giving, commemorating various milestones such as new character releases and major updates. The ongoing Version 2.0 update features a login rewards campaign, offering players 10 Star Rail Special Passes for a seven-day login streak. Additionally, the HoYoverse regularly distributes codes providing free Stellar Jades, Fuel, and other valuable in-game resources.

To mark Sparkle’s debut on the gacha banner, players will find a surprise gift waiting for them in their in-game mail. Sparkle’s gift includes 10 Fuel and a special reward, offering players one of several valuable resources such as Praise of High Morals, Trash, Credits, or even an Eidolon for the four-star character Sampo. Notably, this gift is in honor of Sparkle’s release on February 29, the “leap day.”

Sparkle brings a unique mechanic to Honkai: Star Rail with her Talent, “Red Herring,” providing the player’s party with two additional Skill Points, increasing the cap from 5 to 7. Her kit is designed around regenerating Skill Points, making her an excellent support addition for Skill-reliant characters like Qingque and Imbibitor Lunae.

Looking ahead, Version 2.1 teases the introduction of Acheron, one of the game’s most anticipated characters and Star Rail’s version of Raiden Mei. Aventurine, a five-star character, and Gallagher, a four-star unit, are also set to join the roster in the upcoming update.