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Helper Robots Are Being Developed For Nursing Homes

At the Technical University of Munich in Germany, a team of researchers is working to design a new field of robotics. No, not giant ones. These are robots designed to aid the elderly.

Sami Haddadin believes one of the major problems with nursing homes is a lack of available therapists and aides. Due to a simple lack of manpower, not all retirees can get the round-the-clock assistance they need to live their lives.

The assistant robots designed by Haddadin’s team can provide all kinds of assistance to their owners via articulated arms. These arms can aid a retiree in physical necessities such as getting out of bed and lifting objects, as well as handle tasks that require fine motor functions such as shaving. The arms can also be controlled remotely by a doctor in the event a retiree needs a quick check-up when a doctor isn’t physically available.

The research team has opened a special research center for “geriatronics,” as they’ve dubbed them, and have already begun field testing the assistant robots at nursing homes in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.