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Google Considering SD Cards in Chromebooks

The Chromebook is a very popular laptop, with regular use in 60% of schools in America. To date, it is arguably the most successful Linux-based computer on the market. The Chromebook has a lot of pros, but a few notable cons as well. Arguably the biggest one is its storage space, or lack thereof. What started out as a joke has become a rather disappointing reality when pretty much every single smartphone on the current market has more storage space than a Chromebook. In today’s era, 16GB or even 32GB simply doesn’t cut it. Luckily, Google has been listening, and may do something about it.

Chrome OS is slowly but surely improving functionality with Android apps, and it looks like the Chromebook will adopt Android’s usage of SD card adoptable storage. The idea is still in the very early stages, and Google is not sure how it would work, or if it can at all. Some of Google’s products lack an SD card slot entirely, and it’s highly doubtful that they would delay the release of newer models just because they haven’t nailed down SD card implementation yet.

Users of the Chromebook have their hopes up that Google will figure this mess out and remedy a large flaw in what is otherwise a very good laptop.