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Glorious Labs Invents Gloria

Living in a digital age means that, no matter where we go, we want pictures, videos, and electronic keepsakes to help memorialize the events that make us happy. But Glorious Labs asked the question: “What can we do to further this idea?” They decided that 360 degree cameras were the way to go, so they started inventing.

That wasn’t their only priority, however. Glorious Labs wanted their camera to be shared with everyone who attends meaningful places or events. They posed the idea “instead of having everyone buy their own 360 degree cameras, why not make socially accessible VR cameras so everyone can share their experiences.

The last thing they wanted to do with their idea was to make it so simple. All you would have to do is point your smartphone at the camera with the app, and you’d be provided a secure connection to record these VR pictures/videos onto your phone in seconds. Even more, they could be uploaded directly to Facebook and shared with the world.

That’s why Glorious Labs invented Gloria: to increase accessibility to social VR and to make strides towards the future. Make sure to watch the full video above to understand how the camera works and the impact it will have on society.