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‘Final Fantasy’ Remasters Dated for July

Credit: Unsplash

The first three games will be available on PC and mobile.

The first three Final Fantasy games have been ported around the block for about as long as game ports have been a thing. Heck, I played them for the first time on the Game Boy Advance. However, they have yet to make the leap to modern platforms, either in their original pixelated forms or their touched up re-drawn forms. Next month, though, they’ll be making the leap forward with a graphical style that splits the difference.

Pixel remasters of the first three Final Fantasy games will be releasing on mobile platforms and PC via Steam on July 28, while remasters of Final Fantasy IV, V and VI will be coming at an undetermined later date. The games will play identically to their original counterparts, but the graphics will feature rebuilt pixel sprites. The soundtracks are also being completely rearranged, with the process being overseen by the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu.

However, with the announcement of the date and the reveal of the first screenshots has come some immediate concerns. Firstly, while the graphics themselves look fine, the font they’ve chosen for the in-game text (and they’re Final Fantasy games, so there’s a lot of text) is absolutely tiny, not to mention just rather unpleasant to look at. Secondly, the first two of these remasters, which lest we forget, are for games over three decades old, costs $11.99 a pop, while Final Fantasy III costs $17.99. Finally, for mobile players who may not care for the changed up versions, you’re outta luck, because the existing versions of the games on the Google Play and Apple app stores are being delisted.

So if you really, really like the original Final Fantasy games and are good at reading tiny text, these remasters might be of interest to you. Otherwise, this may prove to be a bit of a disappointment.