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Epic Store Mega Sale Returns with Deals and Coupons

Credit: Unsplash

Big discounts, plus an extra ten bucks off.

In the endless comparison between the Epic Games Store and Steam, I do still prefer Steam. I try to keep my distance from the business aspects of the discussion, if only for keeping out of the drama, but in terms of simple practicality, I like to keep my game collection as consolidated on a single service as possible. That being said, I consider myself a savvy game shopper, and would be foolish to pass up on a good deal, even if it’s not on my favorite platform. And you can’t deny that Epic Games Store’s annual Mega Sale has some pretty slammin’ deals.

Likely in an effort to scoop Steam on their usual Summer sale in June, EGS launched their Mega Sale last week with some pretty major discounts across the board. If you’ve shopped during their previous Mega Sales, you’ll be happy to know their Mega Sale coupons have also made a return. You can redeem your first coupon for free in your account settings, and it’ll automatically be applied when you purchase a game. Don’t feel like you need to be picky, though, as every time you use a Mega Sale coupon, you’ll automatically get another one on the house. The only catch is that Mega Sale coupons can only be applied to games that cost at least $14.99 (including any existing discounts), so you can’t use a coupon to get something for free. Coupons will also expire when the sale ends on June 17.

So, what’s good on the menu? Here’s a few recommendations, specifically for games exclusive to the EGS:

  • Kingdom Hearts III: 33% off at $40.19
  • Immortals: Fenyx Rising: 50% off at $29.99
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: 35% off at $25.99
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition: 35% off at $9.74
  • Bugsnax: 25% off at $18.74

As usual on the EGS, there will also be free games every Thursday. The first free game of the sale was NBA 2K21, which will be available until this Thursday, May 27, when it’s replaced with something else.