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‘Dragon Quest’s’ Erdrick Leaked as Possible Second ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ DLC Character

If a recent Japanese leak is to be believed, Nintendo has quite a fondness for RPGs. A legendary character from an iconic RPG series may be coming to ‘Smash Ultimate’ as the second DLC character.

The leak comes from a Japanese website known as 5Channel, and reveals that the second DLC character coming to the game is none other than ‘Dragon Quest’s’ Erdrick. Erdrick is an iconic character within the ‘Dragon Quest’ franchise, with the first three games in the series affectionately dubbed the “Erdrick trilogy” due to them featuring Erdrick himself or his descendants.

Fans have speculated on who the Square Enix guest character would be, and it turns out to be one of the most prominent characters in one of the most beloved Japanese RPGs franchises of all time.This leak is not confirmed, but there is a bit of coincidental and circumstantial “evidence” that leads some fans to believe that this leak is legitimate. Most prominently is the fact that ‘Dragon Quest XI’ just so happens to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Makes sense that a ‘Dragon Quest’ character would be added.

If the leak is accurate, players will be able to play as both a male and female version of Erdrick, just like you could in the original ‘Dragon Quest’ titles.

Reception of this leak has been somewhat mixed. Like the ‘Fire Emblem’ series, ‘Dragon Quest’ holds far more mainstream popularity in Japan than it does in America, so many were hoping for some other Square Enix character to enter the brawl. But as stated earlier, this leak is not confirmed, so until Nintendo gives the official green light on Erdrick, this is just speculation.