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AWS Device Turns Cameras into Computers

Credit: Unsplash

Give your camera a new perspective.

Cameras have become much more advanced in the last couple of decades. Any proper camera these days has incredibly powerful zoom and automatic adjustment features, and even the cameras in phones have evolved beyond the handful of megapixels you got in old flip phones. But as smart as cameras have become, they can always be made smarter, which is precisely what AWS’ newest innovation seeks to accomplish.

The AWS Panorama Appliance, a new hardware upgrade designed to work in tandem with the AWS Panorama SDK smart camera, can transform any existing camera system into a machine learning computer. Putting aside any concerns about Amazon-adjacent companies and surveillance cameras, this new system is surprisingly advanced for something so simple.

In a nutshell, by plugging the Panorama Appliance into a pre-installed camera network, the cameras become capable of extremely detailed observation. According to Amazon, these souped-up cameras could be used to closely inspect an assembly line to ensure everything is being performed to code, monitor foot traffic in a store, and other marvels of machine learning-enabled technological wonder. It all ties into AWS’ ongoing goal of increased automation; automated cameras in an automated factory or an automated storefront.

Credit: Unsplash

Amazon has become something of an old hand when it comes to machine learning-enabled cameras, occasionally to their own detriment. As advanced as the Ring doorbells are, for instance, they and their adjacent technologies have drawn no shortage of controversy for the massive company. Nevertheless, someone’s gotta figure this stuff out at some point if we want more automation, and it might as well be the company with the trillionaire owner.