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Apple Rumored to be Developing Airpods 2

Apple may be developing the next in line to their current wireless earphones, the Apple AirPods. Some rumors circulating around the internet say that there is a possibility for an AirPods 2 release later this year.

The US-based tech company is rumored to have started the production of its newest wireless charging pad, the AirPower. The company has chosen ChargerLAB to manufacture the product, which as some may know is also the manufacturer for the original Apple AirPods. This points to possible product development as well as a joint public launch, at least for more than a few people.

And speaking of people, many are also wondering if AirPods will be releasing versions with different colors. Currently, the only color is white, but plenty of Apple’s own fans believe that they deserve to get a choice of their earphones’ color.

The current AirPods retail for $159 in stores right now.