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Apple Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of iMac

Every year, it seems like Apple releases the same products with minor alterations to get consumers to buy the most updated models. But could this year be different?

Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference is set to be held in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, from June 4-8, 2018. There is potential for this year to hold a few new surprises since the original iMac computer was released in 1998, exactly 20 years ago.

This anniversary for Apple could mean that, come July or August, we would see a brand new desktop with integrated Touch Bar or Face ID features, new color options to match the expanding colors of iPhones, or even an improved six core processor.

Of course, none of this will be confirmed until the conference date. However, other expected announcements include the iPhone X Plus, an improved MacBook Pro with a slimmer 13 inch screen, and hopefully more.

One market that Apple has yet to fully delve into is the VR (Virtual Reality) market. While rumors were speculating on a 2020 release date for an Apple VR headset, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has stated previously that the technology required to make a quality VR headset does not yet exist.

As June’s WWDC inches closer, rumors are sure to continue whirring.