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Air-Conditioned Baseball Cap Appears at CES

Credit: Feher Research

Gotta love that entrepreneurial spirit.

Every one of history’s greatest inventions had to start somewhere. One weirdo had an unusual notion about the world, and from that notion, technological wonderment is born. Of course, considering the less-than-stellar track record for inventions that are worn on one’s head (the infamous camera hat comes to mind), I do have to wonder about the marketability of a baseball cap with air conditioning. Still, my skepticism won’t deter Feher Research from seeking investors at CES.

Feher Research, a start-up company headed by entrepreneur Steve Feher, showcased a prototype of their currently unnamed air-conditioned baseball cap. Rather than the refrigerants utilized by many modern AC units, this cool cap uses thermoelectric tech to produce cooler air, which is then directed onto the wearer’s scalp. According to Feher, the cap can lower the temperature around the wearer’s head by around 22 degrees, which could allegedly increase their endurance.

The cap ain’t exactly the most portable. It plugs into a rechargable battery pack that a wearer would need to keep on their person which weighs about as much as a pair of shoes. The cap itself weighs around as much as a mini-can of soda, so with the battery pack, the whole thing is around two pounds sitting on your head.

Feher is hoping to solicit some licensees at CES. This actually isn’t their first product, with previous endeavors including an air-conditioned car seat and an air-conditioned motorcycle helmet. I’m sensing a pattern here.